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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my local transit agency on RouteShout?

We provide the RouteShout mobile apps free to any transit agency. Tell your local agency about us!

Why do some results indicate Scheduled and some Real Time?

If real time tracking is not available in your city, you will see only the scheduled arrival times. For real time tracking to be available, an agency must have a vehicle tracking system and be able to expose the data feed to outside developers.

Will I be charged for accessing RouteShout?

Outside of your personal cell phone data plan, the smartphone applications are free to access. Standard SMS rates apply if you are using the text messaging.

Will I be opted in to any mailing lists?

No. We do no auto-opt in any RouteShout users.

Why doesn't my GPS signal always find my exact location?

GPS signals are dependent primarily on the cell phone carrier. The accuracy of these can vary in certain topographies or around large structures. That is why we provide a search option on the RouteShout mobile apps.